Hi my name is Jan Grant,

After 40 years in the banking world the last 20 or so as a Manager I decided I was trading time for money and I wanted to have a more balanced and stress free life.

I didn’t want to work till retiring age which just keeps going up and up, and with the increasing pressures to perform with less and less staff and support.  I wanted to enjoy my life doing things that I was good at and getting paid for my results and my effort and my people skills and my team building skills!!

My business is a global online business which I run from home.  I have partnered with an education company as an affiliate and find this business both interesting and rewarding. I have come across many business opportunities in the past, but I am convinced this is by far the best.  As a bank manager I have seen many traditional businesses fail with high overheads and downturn in economies with people losing all they have worked for.  This business which I just love is the way forward for me.  Take the quick quiz to see if its a fit for you.

What I enjoy the most is offering an opportunity to others to fulfil their destiny and live the life of freedom from the stress of everyday work related pressures.  It is so rewarding working with people from all over the world helping them earn 4, 5 and 6 figure incomes. 

 I am now on my way to financial and time freedom to spend time with my daughters, my grandchildren and friends who have already retired and my horses.

 I look forward to connecting with you personally to help you live the lifestyle of YOUR choice and it’s SO easy.  Click here to take the 30 second quiz !!

With You In Success