I’ve recently received a string of emails with a one-word subject-line: “Opportunity.”

I don’t  know about you, but I fall for these every time. My attention perks up for a moment and I wonder who could be reaching out to me and what for.

Turns out it’s some new networking start up.

One that hasn’t learned from dinosaurs like LinkedIn that no generalized professional network site will ever hold a candle to image-driven social media.

(They tried.)

I solemnly swear never to try to sucker anyone into an ambiguous “opportunity” if I couldn’t proceed to explain the system in its entirety, demonstrate its track record, and answer any and all questions immediately.

With MTTB, we will –
– Build you a website
– Create a slick sales funnel
– Make all your phone sales
– Fulfil all your customer orders
– Field all customer service calls

You work with one of our business coaches through our rigorous, 21-step system, and erect passive income streams at the $1000/mo., $5000/mo., and $9000/mo. level.

This is a real opportunity, friend.

Click here.



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