My point? When someone brings you into this business, their track record has absolutely no bearing on where you’ll go and what you’ll achieve in your MOBE business. And that’s a really important point to wrap your head around because, I know, many of you get push back from friends, family and leads who want to base their next steps on how much you’ve earned as a Consultant. That just doesn’t make sense.
Still, they ask. They want to know how much commission you’ve earned this week, this month and since you got started with MOBE. They want to know how much you’ve spent to generate that revenue, and how much time you invest in your business. They want to understand your ROI, and just how successful you are in this whole online marketing thing. If you’ve had great success to date, answering is no problem. But what if you haven’t made any commission yet? What if you’re still in the business-building stage and are working hard to generate that first conversion?

What to Say If You Haven’t Made a Sale First things first—don’t worry about it. You have tons of success stories you can leverage to paint the MOBE picture. We have plenty of seven figure Consultants, and we have paid out more than $35 million in commissions. That’s a staggering number considering we’re fairly new in the affiliate marketing universe.
While those numbers are impressive, it’s important to explain to your prospective client that other people’s successes have nothing to do with how successful they’ll be in their MOBE business. Every Consultant has a unique experience with this business, with results dictated by how hard they work, how much they apply our powerhouse principles and how quickly and effectively they take action. Making a million dollars or just one dollar has no impact on what their path will look like.
The “No Pain, No Gain” Approach – A good way to look at this approach? Think about treadmills. Lots of people buy treadmills for weight loss, which makes sense. But do you think everyone who buys a treadmill loses weight? No, of course not. If you don’t hop on that treadmill and break a sweat consistently, you aren’t going to lose an ounce. But does that mean treadmills don’t work? Or that they’re a scam? No—because a treadmill is only as effective as you make it.
To be honest, if that concept doesn’t resonate with the person you’re talking to, they’re probably not a great fit for MOBE. If they need a tremendous amount of proof and think their success depends on anyone but them, they likely won’t get very far in this business. It’s harsh, but it’s true. So never feel you’re at a disadvantage because you haven’t made a sale. Every top earner has been exactly where you are and has come out on the other side better for it. Now it’s your turn.

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